How Financial (Un)Wellness Threatens Productivity

The Morgan Stanley Financial Wellness Team

This topic was initially slated as a session at Synergy 2020 in Austin, TX – our plans changed, but the quality of our content didn’t, and we want to share it with the public as an evergreen resource. Learn more about Synergy here.

The stress caused by financial worry can be a threat to office productivity for modern organizations.  The Financial Health Network conducted a study in 2018 to uncover more information about how financial stress impacts employees of mid- and large-sized US firms.  The results of this survey painted a very specific picture about the stresses that employees face, as well as the opportunities that organizations have to help reduce these stress factors and increase employee retention and engagement.

Download the comprehensive guide to the results, and see how financial wellness can make the difference for your organization.1

Financial wellness is one piece of a dynamic benefits offering, one that could potentially include equity awards.  If you’re looking for a new provider, and aren’t yet a Shareworks client, explore our solutions today.

1 Data comes from a survey of 1,000 U.S. workers employed full-time for companies with more than 500 employees. The survey was conducted on behalf of the Financial Health Network in November and December 2018 by Greenwald & Associates, with strategic contributions and financial support from Morgan Stanley.

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