From an Idea on a Napkin: Working Together to Build Cultures of Ownership

November 18, 2020 Shareworks Marketing

Although it seems hard to believe, what is now Shareworks by Morgan Stanley actually started out as a rough vision sketched on a napkin. The idea was simple: to provide companies with a cloud-based platform to help them manage their equity plans, wherever they were. As equity plans became more nuanced and innovative, and taxes and regulations more complex, we strived to make things simpler for our customers. And our goal remained simple too: to be the best at what we do.

Today, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley has grown into a complete equity plan management solution used by thousands of businesses around the world, across every industry. With a comprehensive array of solutions and services, we help employees see the value of compensation and empower businesses at every stage of growth to build cultures of ownership, drive workforce performance and thrive.

Thriving Companies, Thriving Employees

To keep driving towards our goal, last year we became part of Morgan Stanley at Work’s suite of workplace financial solutions. Built on a mutually held belief that, when employees thrive at work, they can thrive in life, together we deliver insightful advice, thoughtful education and cutting-edge technology. By giving your employees the tools to build a plan to achieve their financial goals, you do more than bring a newfound confidence and a new level of performance to the workplace. You also create a culture where your employees are as invested in your organization’s success as you are.

Growing Together

Building a culture of ownership isn’t always easy. Every organization must strike a unique balance when it comes to using employee benefits to boost motivation, loyalty and performance. The good news is that we help you get it right from the start. No matter what your stage of maturity—from startup to IPO and beyond—Shareworks grows with you. This helps you create a unified equity plan and provides your employees with intuitive tools to help foster a direct connection to the business. That’s how you can create and ownership culture from the outset.

As we continue to evolve and adapt, we’ll always stay true to the original napkin sketch that started it all and the vision to give employees a voice, foster pride in ownership and work as an extension of our customers’ teams. Growing together means that no company is too big or small to celebrate owners. It means getting equity right from the beginning with a customizable framework that grows with your company while it helps your company grow.

When one simple, yet ultra-smart tool, enables you develop a targeted equity plan that excites and engages all your participants, you go beyond recruiting and rewarding the best employees. You can also create a workforce that feels more invested and can realize the full potential of ownership.

Looking Forward

With 21 years in the books, we look forward to continuing to provide our customers with an innovative equity plan management solution, remarkable services and relationships built on confidence. In addition to helping you simplify the complexities of equity plan management, we believe this will also help your employees build confidence on their financial journeys. Above all, we want to thank you for the opportunity to serve you and for joining us as our story as an organization continues to be written.

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