Communicating Equity Like a Pro - White Paper

June 5, 2020 Sara Pinkus

Stock plan administrators often struggle with the communication aspects of their equity plan.  It can be hard to balance outreach methods with all of the other tactical and strategic elements that are necessary to successful equity plan management.

However, communication can make a huge difference when it comes to employee engagement levels.  Often, the more employees know and understand about their equity awards, the more likely they are to participate in the equity plan.

To help stock plan administrators with their communication planning process, two of our learning and development experts have written a white paper to demystify employee communications, and help you communicate effectively to your plan participants.

Download the white paper, and check out our additional communication-related resources throughout the Shareworks Discovery Lab.

About the Author

Sara Pinkus

Sara is a content marketing manager at Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, with over five years of experience in the equity compensation space. She helped redesign the Shareworks Certification program in 2016, and is excited to help share the organization's knowledge expertise with the industry.

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