Tender Offer Process with Morgan Stanley at Work: Saving Time and Money

September 25, 2020 Shareworks Marketing

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Conducting a shareholder liquidity event can be a complex and challenging undertaking.

We make it easier through an intuitive platform that automates the setup and management of your tender offer, while you receive personalized support from a team of experienced specialists. We do all the heavy lifting, so you can focus on running your business.



We configure the platform to execute the tender offer based on your specific requirements:

  • Shareholder eligibility
  • Maximum selling amounts
  • Timing
  • Available documents and disclosures

Next, we set up a testing environment and work with your legal team to ensure everything looks correct and all necessary documents are properly uploaded.


To ensure maximum participation, we can provide a live demo or host a financial education session with a Morgan Stanley at Work representative to help your employees understand how the tender offer may impact them financially.

Program launch

Once the tender offer is live, shareholders will have 20 business days to review the offer, sell their shares and fill out all of the necessary paperwork.


Shareholders can view their current holdings, exercise cost and estimated gross proceeds. Platform notifications guide them through what they need to do to complete a sell order.

Shareholders will also have access to a dedicated support team should they have questions or need assistance.

Maximum Control and Transparency for You

Plan Administrators can access real-time reporting in order to track all participant activity.


The Morgan Stanley at Work Equity Solutions team supports you throughout the tender offer with periodic check-in calls or program updates as frequently as you need.

Funds are dispersed to selling shareholders via automated clearing house (ACH), wire, or check.

Your tax and legal teams receive all executed documentation and a breakdown of proceeds, fees and withholdings.

Best of all - your cap table will be fully updated!

Is a Tender Offer with Morgan Stanley at Work Right for You?

Our private market solutions are the right fit for your company’s next tender offer if:

  • Your company needs to engage and retain top talent in a competitive job market
  • You want to bring on new investors, but are concerned about dilution
  • Your employees are independently selling their equity rewards on the secondary market
  • Your board is requesting exit or stock repurchase scenarios
  • You want your tender offer to run smoothly with minimal distraction to the company and your employees.
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