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May 1, 2019 Shareworks Marketing


As Shareworks continues to invest in products and partnerships to serve our private company clients, we are excited to announce an expansion of our work with the Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE).

Shareworks by Morgan Stanley is a leading provider of equity administration software for late-stage private companies, but our commitment to helping private companies succeed extends all the way to the earliest days of a company’s existence. In partnership with LTSE, we are excited to collaborate on helping companies manage their equity from startup to IPO and beyond. The unique tools provided by LTSE and Shareworks continue to make the process of automating and managing company growth easier no matter where you are in the private company lifecycle.

Where We’ve Been

The Shareworks journey with LTSE really began with our collaboration on Fast409a. The premise was simple, give founders access to world-class valuation experts and pair that expertise with a software-enabled product offering that helps expedite the process of providing a final valuation to 5 days or less. The results have been stunning, with over 400 Bay Area companies completing valuations through the Fast409a tool in a little over a year. In a short amount of time, Fast409a has become the gold standard for the Bay Area’s most notable startups.

One reason for the success of Fast409a and our continued collaboration with LTSE is the laser focus on software-enabled solutions that solve the core needs of our clients. Solving problem sets for founders drives LTSE, while Shareworks by Morgan Stanley fulfills the demanding needs of equity specialists. No matter what size your company is, there is a constant desire to automate and remove the time suck of spreadsheets and manual processes. While we may focus on different stakeholders, both LTSE and Shareworks by Morgan Stanley are committed to automating out the drudgery of tracking and reporting and providing scalable solutions to grow with you as your needs evolve.

Where We’re Going

Given LTSE’s success providing their tool to venture capital funded startups and providing founders with the support they need to build their company, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley is excited to help those companies transition equity administration providers as their needs change. As we move into 2019’s IPO busy season, we continue to be the leading private-to-public equity management system.

Over the past few years, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley has taken more than 75 companies public, including Pluralsight, Dropbox, Levi’s and PagerDuty, and we are now providing the technology behind Amazon’s stock plan. With our focus on equity management for companies across the globe, it’s a natural fit for us to help LTSE’s clients take the next step and face the complex challenges that come with preparing your stock plan for an IPO.

As companies grow, equity continues to become more challenging. Inflection points like issuing equity to international employees, needing detailed financial reporting and ASC 718 expensing, and designing and implementing complicated equity award types demand a scalable and powerful solution. In all of those cases, we are ready to assist.

Whether you plan to stay private for the long haul or you are preparing to grapple with the complexities that come with preparing for and completing an IPO, Shareworks by Morgan Stanley continues to stay far ahead of the pack as the leading platform for late-stage private companies. As LTSE companies prepare for an IPO, this partnership allows them to use our industry-leading equity management software, while still leveraging the benefits of the LTSE tools.

We’ve Got the Tools You Need to IPO

Given the rapidly evolving market for private companies, the need for collaboration and partnership between service providers continues to grow. While LTSE wants to ensure that its clients can seamlessly move their data onto Shareworks when the time arrives, LTSE’s cutting edge tools for late-stage private companies will still be available to all Shareworks by Morgan Stanley clients.

By retaining the benefits of LTSE and migrating to Shareworks, we can improve the process of going public and help you strategically align with investors, focused on long-term success, not just short-term profit. LTSE’s core vision of enabling bold and visionary companies thrive in the public market is central to the work we do, and we are thrilled to be a part of each of our clients’ IPO journeys.

Over the coming weeks, both Shareworks by Morgan Stanley and LTSE will be publishing more content to help our clients understand how our evolving relationship can benefit them, as well as share client testimonials from our numerous success stories so far. We are committed to helping improve the experience of staying private and preparing to IPO, and we could not be more thrilled to continue our work with LTSE as we deliver first-class solutions to the most high-profile companies across the globe.

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