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Your Equity Plan Management Checklist

Are you searching for a new equity plan management solution, but unsure where to begin? There are a number of key areas where you shouldn’t compromise.  Additionally, there are important areas where increased attention can help you bridge the gap between how you currently manage your plans, and how you’d like to manage your plans.  

Ready, set, evaluate!

Use the checklist below as you consider providers – each critical feature is described with questions to get you thinking about what you want and need in your plan management solution.  And it doesn’t just focus on the technology, it also includes the service provider itself.




Can your solution seamlessly administer plans in a truly global way (meaning support for equity plans in multiple currencies, languages, and jurisdictions)?



Shareworks supports over 2.5 million participants in 100+ countries on 10+ global exchanges, including global money movement and a global tax engine.


Be sure to dive in to what ‘global capabilities’ truly means. 

Does the financial reporting tool in your solution provide data lockdown capability, allowing you to freeze in time all administrative data included in financial reports?  Can you also track the details of administrative and transactional changes impacting your financial reports?



Everything you do in Excel, you can do (and save) in Shareworks – set it once and reference it always.


Don’t just look at reporting output, examine the flexibility of your data and reporting periods.

Does your service provider include comprehensive performance award management capabilities? Capabilities should include the ability to set more than one performance targets, and the ability for employees to track progress in their individual accounts.



Shareworks has a powerful performance award engine, supporting multiple performance targets and full visibility for your employees.


Support for performance awards doesn’t necessarily mean high-performance award management.

Does the custom reporting engine in your solution offer cloud-based, real-time, and flexible structures for your data? This gives you the power to intuitively use and analyze your equity data in a centralized and secure portal, whenever you need it.



Ad hoc reporting in Shareworks puts analytical power at your fingertips with dynamic and comprehensive report building in an intuitive interface.


Static, canned reports cost you more than lost analytical power, it can also mean more time spent with out-of-system data manipulation.

Does your service provider understand the modern equity landscape with its rapid changes, and does their technology easily accommodate these changes? Does your service provider tailor to your needs, or force you to fit your plan into their solution?


Shareworks by Morgan Stanley is devoted to one thing: equity plan management. This focus enables us to deliver a highly customizable plan management solution (including a regular upgrade cadence and support for a wide variety of award types). 


Some institutions do certain things well, but are lacking the agility of a company purely focused on delivering a high-quality technology solution.

Interested in learning more about the areas above and the Shareworks by Morgan Stanley solution? Take a guided tour today.

About the Author

Sara is a content marketing manager at Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, with over five years of experience in the equity compensation space. She helped redesign the Shareworks Certification program in 2016, and is excited to help share the organization's knowledge expertise with the industry.

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