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Startup Equity 101 | Exploring Cap Tables and Employee Equity Plans

See the on-demand webinar for the Startup Equity 101 virtual event

For many companies, the most valuable currency a startup has is its equity. Thinking through potential fundraising, hiring and exit scenarios can be challenging without an understanding of your cap table and employee equity plan. Watch the webinar to hear from a panel of industry leaders as they discuss:

  • Fundraising: As you raise additional rounds of capital, how are cap tables impacted and how do they evolve the employee equity pool?
  • Talent: Many startups use equity to seek to attract and retain talent.1
  • Alignment: Some startups see equity programs as an effective way to build a “culture of ownership” among employees.1 Learn how other businesses have engaged their employees in ownership to create alignment with the mission of the company.

1“The State of Equity Plan Management at Private Companies.” Shareworks. 2020.

Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, and its affiliates and employees do not provide legal or tax advice. You should always consult with and rely on your own legal and/or tax advisors.

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