Shareworks Can Help Streamline Your Equity Plan Administration Workflows

March 3, 2020 Sara Pinkus

When you think of traditional stress relief methods, your equity plan management software probably doesn’t make the top ten list (or even grace the top 100). However – there are a number of ways your software can actually work towards helping you feel a bit more at ease about your equity program (and your work life in general).  Read on to find out more about the things Shareworks can do (so you don’t have to).


Common Challenges

Every stock plan administrator has a different experience based on their organization, but there are some factors that may consistently create stress. These factors can include:

  • Accuracy issues: There are many opportunities for data accuracy issues to cause problems with your stock plan administration. For example, bad data from an HR system may lead to incorrect employee grant data, that may lead to problems at the point of a plan award transaction (e.g., a stock option exercise or restricted stock release). Inaccuracies in your grant database may cause problems throughout your plan, including errors in financial reporting or errors with tax calculations. Data accuracy is one of the biggest complaints we hear from stock plan administrators, as it touches almost every part of your plan management.
  • A global participant base: Managing a plan for employees in several countries comes with many challenges, and the complexity may increase with each new additional country. Tracking taxation and other regulatory requirements along with scaling globally may mean a slowdown in efficiency (as well as a drop in confidence).
  • Lack of employee equity knowledge: Do employees at your organization understand the benefits of an equity award compared to other compensation alternatives? Do they understand what an equity award is? A lack of awareness about what equity is and how it functions may impact more than just your employees: it may impact you and your efforts to administer equity successfully. Award acceptance, vesting schedule information, transaction ramifications – all of these things require adequate participant attention and understanding.
  • Data security: Equity plans require personally identifiable information including an employee’s name, home address and tax identification number, requiring companies to put in place safeguards to help protect this kind of data.


How Shareworks Can Help Your Equity Administration Workflow

Shareworks was designed in an effort to lessen the manual work required to administer your equity plans. Check out how Shareworks may help streamline your workflows:

  • Automated data import: File import pathways between Shareworks and your systems minimize the manual work needed for the data migration process and may help prevent errors as data moves between systems. You can easily move data from your HRIS or Payroll systems to the relevant, mapped fields in Shareworks on a pre-scheduled basis (without the need for manual file import or data manipulation).
  • Streamlined share and money movement: As a comprehensive software-as-a-service equity plan management software, Shareworks supports share and money movement around the world. The transaction capabilities of the platform give both you and your participants full visibility into the process, and you can configure the site to your needs at implementation (so you know exactly what participants can do when they exercise their options or receive shares from a restricted stock release).
  • Global administration, without the stress: The Shareworks Global Intelligence tool offers helpful guidance for companies with global employees (and the associated reporting and tax jurisdictions).
  • Knowledge resources: Shareworks by Morgan Stanley understands that what you do is important, and we want to help your plan participants understand what an equity award is (and what it can mean for them). We offer a variety of educational resources for our users, and support for informing your employees (as well as call or chat support for their Shareworks-related questions).
  • Secure access: Shareworks offers secure access to you and your participants as you view and manage your equity plan data.  This includes live transactions for your participants, two-factor authentication, and customized usernames and passwords for each individual who requires access to the system. Shareworks by Morgan Stanley has a dedicated information security group that monitors the site in efforts to help ensure the security of your data.

Your equity plan management solution should be a key component of your stock plan, and it should work with you toward what you want to accomplish as an administrator. Shareworks can’t take away all of your stress, but it may help alleviate some of the stress factors as an employee stock plan administrator. To learn more, get in touch for a demo today.

About the Author

Sara Pinkus

Sara is a content marketing manager at Shareworks by Morgan Stanley, with over five years of experience in the equity compensation space. She helped redesign the Shareworks Certification program in 2016, and is excited to help share the organization's knowledge expertise with the industry.

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