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Transparency 2021: Addressing Gaps in Private Equity Compensation Report

View our Transparency 2021: Addressing Gaps in Equity Compensation report to learn about gaps and inequities that might exist in equity compensation plans.

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Download the Transparency 2021: Addressing Gaps in Equity Compensation Report 

Diversity and inclusion have a positive impact on business and many businesses are stepping up their efforts to improve workforce diversity. But ensuring that there is equal opportunity for advancement and equality in equity compensation is another issue.

So, how do companies set up an equity compensation plan to promote equal access? Download the Transparency 2021: Addressing Gaps in Equity Compensation report to view strategies companies can use to promote equitable equity.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Equal access is an issue – 42% of business leaders surveyed report that women and minorities experience barriers to career advancement in their organizations.
  • Equity compensation is not always equitable – Of individuals surveyed who reported they were granted 4-5% of equity as a part of their total compensation, only 25% were working mothers, compared to 60% of men with children.
  • Representation for Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) is not equal to their White counterparts – among all survey respondents only 15% identified as BIPOC. Further, 40% of Black respondents reported being issued 4% or less in equity stock options and making $40,000 or less in base salary.

Transparency 2021: Addressing Gaps in Equity Compensation was commissioned by Shareworks by Morgan Stanley and research and authorship was independently carried out by Rebel & Co, a third-party research and strategy agency.
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