Shawn Murphy

As Director of Strategic Operations, Shawn Murphy ensures private companies receive the most comprehensive equity management solutions and software from Shareworks by Morgan Stanley. Formerly Executive Director at Morgan Stanley Australia, Shawn headed up Strategy and Business Development with a strong focus on talent management. Prior to that, she was co-founder of Morgan Stanley’s Microfinance Group in London, working to bridge the gap between capital markets and microfinance companies in developing countries. Shawn also has extensive experience in managing credit and operational risk across EMEA and Asia.

  • Promissory Notes: The Insider Story

    Promissory Notes: The Insider Story

    Privately held companies on the IPO journey are often curious about promissory notes. As private companies, they can accept these loans as payment from employees to cover the cost of their equity...

  • Is a Tender Offer Right for You?

    Is a Tender Offer Right for You?

    In this age of companies staying private longer, some private companies still have their sights clearly set on an IPO. Some are in “maybe someday” mode, while others may never choose to take the...

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