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2020 Venture Capital Executive Compensation Trend Report

Gain insight into top executive compensation trends from 2020.

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The labor market can change quickly, especially in times of uncertainty. The 2020 VC Executive Compensation Trend Report covers executive compensation trends of the past year as compared to 2019 and years prior. Utilizing data collected in our annual VC Executive Compensation Survey (VCECS), which includes cash and equity from over 1500 private, VC-backed companies, this report provides a snapshot into the top trends and findings from the full report.

In this report, you will have the opportunity to gain insight into:

  • A high-level analysis of private company compensation for all C-suite and VP-level roles
  • A breakdown of CEO compensation, including average base salary, total pay, bonus and equity
  • Talent trends, survey demographics and unicorn compensation benchmarks
  • Median compensation data by headcount, funding round and more

Note: The VCECS is only a subset of our broader Option Impact database, which is a real-time dataset with over 3200 participating private companies. With the give-to-get model, participating VC-backed companies can provide data and receive access to cash & equity benchmarks for every role within an organization at no cost. Get started here.

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