7 Essential Questions to Host Your Own Equity Fireside Chat

September 20, 2019 Shareworks Marketing




Calling all plan admins.

Ready to kick-off Stocktoberfest in your office and promote participant engagement in your equity plan?

What better way to get started than with a fireside chat? Our friends at Reddit recently hosted a fireside chat that left participants feeling inspired, informed and refreshed.

Let’s dive into the basics!

What is a fireside chat?

A fireside chat is an opportunity to have an informal conversation between leadership and employees. It’s a great way to chat openly about equity and get participants excited about their plan.


How can I get prepared?

First things first, talk to leadership to see if they are interested in getting involved. Once you have approval, select one person or a panel of leaders to answer questions. A great start would be your CEO and a leader in talent or culture.

Find a session moderator or moderate the session yourself! Don’t worry, we have compiled a list of questions below to help you get started.


Where should I host the fireside chat?

Host your fireside chat in a casual and comfortable area. Perhaps the company kitchen or a spacious common space. Then, order some treats and send out a calendar invite!

Note: Remember to leave lots of time for questions from attendees. You could even send out an anonymous survey to collect questions from employees in advance.


Sample Fireside Chat Questions:

  1. Why did you join (COMPANY NAME)?
  2. What does equity mean to you?
  3. How did you come to think of equity as a tool to accomplish the company vision?
  4. How does offering equity reflect the company culture?
  5. How has our equity offering evolved since it first launched? Do you think it still helps with the retention of your employees? If so, how?
  6. What are some benefits of offering equity that you didn’t initially expect?
  7. If you could build your plan all over again – what would you change?
  8. How do you think equity will grow your business?


Sample Questions for the Audience:

  1. What did you do with your equity? (If applicable)
  2. What do you want to know about your equity?

Are you hosting a fireside chat this Stocktoberfest? Be sure to share pictures on social using the hashtag #Stocktoberfest.


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